Your Student Guide To Tasty One-Pot Recipes

Break the student cliché of beans on toast and Pot Noodles and whip up some fantastic fare in a flash with one of our delicious one-pot recipes designed for students.

Here are 3 student-friendly one-pot recipes to give you all the nutrition you need without the drag of endless washing up afterward!

1. Stir-fry chicken, rice and vegetable medley

A classic quick-cook dish packed with flavour, this is something any student can get to grips with and save on the washing up. Stir-frying is not only a healthy way to cook food, but you’ll be amazed at what you can rustle up in one wok in under 15 minutes just in time for Countdown.


What you’ll need: Diced chicken breast, peas, microwavable rice, sweetcorn, soy sauce, eggs x 2

How to prepare:

2. Cheese and Spinach Frittatas

Light and airy, frittatas are an excellent way to make something substantial without having to buy so many ingredients. Like an omelette, frittatas have a delicate taste and don’t need any additional flavourings. Plus, you can swap out the ingredients for a wide variety of decent munch.


What you’ll need: Eggs x 6, milk (100ml), boiled potatoes, cheddar cheese (200g) and spinach leaves (100g)

How to prepare:

3. Macaroni Cheese

An American staple that made its way across the pond and into student digs across the UK, Mac ‘n’ Cheese is perhaps the simplest dish you can make but one of the tastiest.


What you’ll need: Macaroni pasta, milk (200mls), flour, (50g) butter (40g) and cheese (200g)

How to prepare:

So there you have it, three delicious recipes using the minimal amount of kitchenware that you’ll need to wash up afterwards. Whether you’ve just got past your university open day and freshers week, or are in your third or fourth year, keep an eye out on our Twitter and Facebook feed for more simple and delicious recipes. Why not even post your above creations to Instagram?

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