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We make it super easy to find open days at universities and colleges!

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We make it super easy to find open days at universities and colleges!

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Answers to frequently asked questions

The direct interaction! You get a chance to meet staff, students, or other key members, ask questions, and gauge the atmosphere and culture, which brochures or websites might not convey.

Absolutely! Open days often involve detailed presentations and demonstrations on various courses or services, providing a depth of understanding that’s hard to get from just reading about them.

Yes, it does. Walking through the premises, using the facilities, and getting a feel for the place can greatly influence your comfort level and decision about whether it’s the right fit for you. While virtual resources are beneficial, being present physically allows for spontaneous interactions, hands-on experiences, and a tangible feel of the environment, which digital mediums might not capture.

Definitely. Open days often showcase not just the academic or professional side, but also extracurricular activities, clubs, and events, giving you a holistic view of the community and culture.

Yes, they can. Familiarizing oneself with the environment, meeting potential peers, and having face-to-face interactions can ease anxieties or uncertainties about joining a new place.

Many organizations maintain contact with open day attendees, offering them priority notifications, resources, or even mentorship opportunities that might not be available to others.

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