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Why You Should Join Social Clubs, Groups and Societies at University

  • Posted 3 months ago
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Fresher’s Week is the ideal time to sign up for clubs and societies that you are interested in. You’ll likely have noticed what was on offer during your university open day, but this first week at university is the main time to get acquainted with what your university offers students when it comes to social groups.

There are numerous benefits to joining clubs, and we’ll take a look at some here in this post.

Improve your social life

When you join a society or interest group, you’re getting together with people who have similar interests and life goals as yourself. There’s nothing that will bring you out of your introverted shell more than finding people that you click with, and as soon as you start talking about your chosen subject, you will discover instant and meaningful connections with likeminded people who just ‘get’ you.

Friendships don’t stay within a club, and before you know it you’ll be going out for meals and drinks, and taking excursions with your peers – giving your social life a massive boost.

Learn more about your specialism

Lectures can only tell you so much about your chosen subject. University is geared towards making you an independent researcher and taking steps on your own to learn more about the issues surrounding your specialist course. There are many clubs you can join to boost your knowledge, and where you will be able to discuss the latest findings in a group.

For instance, if you’re studying Physics there is most likely an astronomy club, a group dedicated to particle physics and a separate group for those interested in the mathematical and theoretical elements – you can mix and match all these groups to cater to your tastes.

Give your CV a boost

In today’s world, employers aren’t just looking for numbers on a piece of paper when it comes to your degree. They’re also interested in how much you enjoy your specialism and what steps you have taken to further your career.

Being part of a group or society related to your chosen topic shows enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, and by the time you leave university and are actively seeking work your future employers can see you’re dedicated to the profession. It may even give you that much-needed boost over other applicants who just stuck to the lectures and didn’t interact meaningfully with their peers in the field.

Stay fit and healthy

Clubs aren’t all just about swotting up at course-specific groups. Whilst it’s a great idea to enroll in them for the reasons outlined above, you shouldn’t neglect other aspects such as sports and active hobbies. Keep your favourite activities in the limelight, sign up to the student football or basketball team, or push the boat out and take up a brand-new sport such as rock-climbing, scuba-diving or mountain cycling.

You’re never locked into a club, so you can give it a go and if you discover it’s not for you, nobody’s going to hold it against you. There’s no better way to unwind after a long day of lectures than to take part in a sporting activity on campus with a group of new-found friends.

Increase your reach

We’ve already covered meeting new friends and peers, but joining a society means you are going to be put directly in contact with top people in the industry who know their stuff. Talks, meetings and days out are a regular part of social activities, and many times throughout your studies you will get the chance to interact with guest speakers who have already made a name for themselves.

Celebrities often drop into uni clubs to inspire and educate, and you never know who you’ll be able to brag about for years to come – especially in the arts, drama, science and music industries.

Don’t be scared to join up to a new club or society. In your first year everyone is going to be in the same boat, and if you must, drag one of your unwilling friends along to your group until you are confident to go on your own – but remember to return the favour!

Fresher’s week is the ideal time to sign up to societies, but don’t feel shy if you feel like joining midway through the year, or even in your second or third years.

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