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What Should I Pack When Going To Uni?

  • Posted 4 months ago
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So you’ve got the grades, been to many university open days, and accepted the placement offer. Now you’re heading off to your choice of university, but have you thought about what you will actually need when you get there? Moving out of your family home to live on your own for the first time may be a daunting prospect, but we’re here to give you the lowdown on what you’ll need to survive your first weeks and months at uni.

We’re dividing the essentials into three categories of general living, kitchen items and study materials. Covering these three areas will ensure that you don’t forget the much-needed items when you’re packing, and find you sorely need in the first week of starting university.

General Living

Let’s take a look at some things you may need for general living they may not have told you about at your college open day. We haven’t included the obvious things such as season-appropriate clothing, shoes, your mobile phone, and your laptop.

  • Coat hangers: Space is sometimes limited in student digs
  • Bed linen: Take two sets of duvet covers, bedsheets and pillow covers to cover wash days. Remember the actual duvet and pillows!
  • Toiletries: Bring all the washroom essentials such as razors and soap, include any medications, and don’t forget towels
  • Extension leads: Your room may only have one plug socket but you will likely have multiple devices hungry for energy
  • Cleaning items: Yes, now you’re going solo you need to keep the place spick and span. Bring washing up liquid, sponges, cloths, antibacterial spray and a small handheld vacuum cleaner
  • Tech: Remember to pack items like a printer, speakers, headphones and your game console if you have one
  • Equipment for sports: If you have a hobby you intend to carry on at uni, make sure you pack all the required pieces of kit

Kitchen Essentials

Cook for yourself and avoid expensive meals out with a few essentials in the kitchen.

Although your residence may provide some basics like plates and cutlery, here’s a quick list of kitchen items you should pack separately: mugs, glasses, a bottle opener, pots and pans, a frying pan, a tin opener, a cheese grater, a measuring jug, tea towels, cling film and tin foil, sharp knives, a flat baking tray, wooden spoons, a colander, scissors and bin bags.

A recipe book for students is also a great idea to save you from boring meals, a spice rack is another top buy to provide you with plenty of choices in the meal department (unless you’re happy eating baked beans and noodles on a daily basis, that is!) Also don’t forget appliances like a smoothie maker so you can have a healthy breakfast in a flash, even on the go, as you race out the door to your lectures.

Study Materials

The very reason you’re at uni is to study properly so don’t neglect the essential items. Not only are you going to need things such as your laptop, USB drive and printer, but also consider bringing the following:

  • Folders, lined paper and plastic wallets
  • Pens, pencils, coloured biros and highlighters
  • Page tabs and post-it notes, in addition to a planner or weekly diary
  • Textbooks and recommended reading material

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