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How To Pick The Right Degree Course?

  • Posted 4 months ago
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So many courses to choose from! So many universities and colleges to study at! How do you even begin to choose? Here are some helpful hints on how to find your perfect degree course.

1. Consider your A-Levels

So you’re likely studying you’re A-Levels and looking to find the perfect follow on course. You will already be studying the subjects that you love, so that should give you some indication into the type of further education that will follow on.

2. Course requirements

You may be taking a few differing subjects already which may or may not complement each other, but your current studies should be telling you if your heart is really in the subject – a university degree will study the same kind of topics but in much greater depth. Make sure that you are happy with your current studies, and that you are likely to get the grades you need.

3. Think about your future career

You might know exactly what you want to be after graduation, and it is likely to have a set of requirements from a degree course. It’s no good studying Geography if you plan to be a lawyer, or Biology if you plan to work in particle physics – you need to tailor your course to your intended career.

Look at job postings for your desired career and see what they are asking for in a candidate. They may be fairly relaxed, or very specific.

Tailor your course to your future job, follow job postings on Twitter, even talk to people already in the profession.

4. Location, Location

When you attend university, many times it may be a great distance away from the family home, but bear in mind that if you’re going to be far from home anyway the location doesn’t matter all too much. If you’re going up to Scotland or down to London, you will have to weigh the pros and cons of a distant location in relation to your travelling time during holidays away from university – even thought the course may be just what you’re looking for.

5. What the university offers

Paying a great deal of money for a university course means that you can afford to be picky about exactly what you want. Check to see if the university is a specialist in a certain area, if it is it’s likely to have improved facilities in that area which will benefit you no end.

A Marine Biology course is perhaps best undertaken near the coast for research purposes, and Astronomy courses at establishments with links to telescopes. Also keep an eye out for clubs and groups around your chosen subject.

6. Attend an open day

A University Open Day is the best insight into what a particular university will be like. Not only can you see the course details in full, as well as the campus itself, but you will also be able to speak directly to the lecturers and department heads one-to-one, in addition to sitting in on invaluable lectures and talks related to your specific discipline.

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