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How To Choose Your Flatmates?

  • Posted 4 months ago
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In your first year at university, you’re likely to live in a student residence on campus, but after that first year, many students look to move a little further afield and become student tenants in a shared property. Many times you don’t choose exactly who you share within halls, although requests can be made, so you end up stuck with people you don’t particularly like for an entire year.

Moving into a rental property near the university is a great alternative because you gain that extra degree of independence, but with it can come a host of problems – bad flatmates being the number one headache for student tenants. Take a look at this blog post to discover some steps to choosing your perfect flatmate.

1. Try To Move In With a Group Of Close Friends

If you already have a connection with people on your course or from student halls and have found you can get on well with them, then consider having them as your flatmates when you rent accommodation in the second and third years of your studies.

2. Don’t Choose Your Flatmate Based On Physical Attraction

If you have an attraction to a certain boy or girl who is offering their place to stay in, try not to make that the ultimate decider. They may end up with someone else and you’ll have to watch that play out in front of you, or you could make unwanted advances and then have to live with the embarrassment of rejection.

3. Find Someone With Similar Priorities To You

You may like someone’s adventuristic and wild spirit that draws you into living with them in the thought that it will be ‘fun’, however, that fun soon stops when this free spirit likes to leave the kitchen a mess after eating, or has an aversion to bleach and cleaning the bathroom after themselves.

4. Start Your Search Early

Before you even finish the first year, start making plans in advance about where you are going to live and with whom. The last thing you want is a last-minute rush with the nearest available tenant just so you have somewhere to stay. Search listings well in advance before your course starts up again for the best possible choice of flatmates.

5. Keep Finances in Mind

You may have a part-time job to help you cover the cost of essentials, however, your flatmate might just wing it on student loans to get by. This can prove troublesome when it comes to paying rent and getting shopping in.

Don’t be shy to ask about their financial situation before moving in.

Whether you found that ideal friend during a college open day or whether you have grown a great friendship throughout your studies, choose someone who you click with and who ‘gets’ you when it comes to finding a flatmate. You can always use Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to source your new flatmates, allowing you to scan the situation before leaping.

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