Mission Statement

I am a parent who has gone through the university/college cycle twice already, and I couldn’t believe how time consuming it was to research and find open days for colleges or university, almost a job in itself.

As a busy working mum, future planning is even more important when it comes to open days as they never take part in the same part of the country, or often the best college or university choices can be miles away.

Then there is the issue of open day clashes and more often than not, these open days take place during the week.

There were several occasions when we would find out about open days last minute, or worse, have missed out completely.

The process of finding out which open days were available and when, often involved visiting and scrolling through each institution’s web pages and spending even more time, locating their open day booking page to book our spaces, assuming we could agree the timing and fit it into our family’s busy calendar, as well as getting time out of work.

We are here to make it easy, all the open days in a single platform!