I Didn’t Get My Predicted Grades… What’s Next?

Most universities offer conditional placements, depending on the final grades you receive at A-Level. Check out this post if you didn’t quite make the grade and what your best options are now.

If you’re reading this post then you probably are feeling quite upset and despondent that you haven’t got the grades you so hoped for – we feel for you. A-Levels are tough for 16 to 18 year-olds and especially as you have three or four subjects you’re trying to get to grips with and study for. Your teachers may have given you a predicted grade based on all the available evidence of your studies, however, they are not always accurate and it comes down mainly to how you perform on exam day – except coursework.

Universities need to make sure that you are capable of studying to a high level in your chosen discipline, and that you meet certain basic requirements to give you a firm grounding for your course.

For example, you won’t be accepted onto a HE foreign language course without doing well in at least one language like French or Spanish at A-Level – it would simply be too hard for you and you’d have to drop out. Some universities will need you to get exact ABB, BBB, BCC grades or similar, however many will convert them all into several UCAS points to gain acceptance onto a particular course. This is especially true where the course you want to take isn’t offered at A-Level such as Philosophy or Tourism.


Here are some options on what to do next if you’ve fallen short in either exact grades, or UCAS points as a whole:

It’s not the end of the world as you can see if you didn’t meet your predicted grades.

If none of the above options are helpful to you, you may even consider taking a gap year to figure out what you’re going to do or take up full-time employment if you’ve discovered higher and further education just isn’t right for you.

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