Best Side Gigs Whilst Studying At University

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It goes without saying that when you’ve paid so much money for a university degree that your studies should be your number one priority and focus. However, if you are finding that you are on top of your studies and have free time spare you’re seeking to fill, why not get stuck into some work and earn some extra pennies?

Of course, if you can find an avenue of work that ties in with your studies then all the better, it will only help you to consolidate your lecture learning, but there are a myriad of jobs open to students. When you attend a university open day there are likely to be stalled there with employers offering part-time work in a range of professions in your local area, but there are also jobs online for students that will assist you in making the most of your time at uni.

Take a look at our top picks for side gigs for students, and see if one could take your fancy:

1. Bar/Restaurant Work

Students in a restaurant

Just about every university campus and the local area are bound to be packed with small cafes, bars, restaurants, and eateries to fuel the local student population. Why not whip up a few CVs and drop them into places you’d like to work in the food and drink industry? They’re bound to offer flexible shifts to work around your schedule which you’ll know for the term in advance to work something out.

2. Work Online

A student working on a tablet

Microjob sites such as Upwork and PeoplePerHour offer students the chance to bolster their degree in a range of services. You can become a writer and create blog posts to line up with your Creative Writing degree, build small websites for clients to help your Web Development course, or you can even do things such as translation work which is super if you’re planning to study abroad in your third year. Prices range on these sites for amateurs and professionals, but if you’re sure you can do the task at hand then there’s no reason you should be excluded from this booming micro job marketplace.

3. Call Centre Operative

Call centre operative smiling

If you’re not fond of walking around all day as a waiter or waitress at unsociable hours in a bar or restaurant, then a call centre operative may be on the cards for you. The hours you work can be flexible, and you have the security of knowing you will have a decent side income just from calling people up on the phone. You can get jobs like this in double glazing firms or larger customer support service departments in the cities, and there’s the opportunity for a commission on sales too!

4. Pet and Child Minding

A dog with its head on a sleeping newborn

Have a soft spot for all things furry, or already have experience babysitting? This gig could be right up your street, as there are many people looking for dog walkers, house sitters and childminders across the UK. Babysitting is also likely to provide a boost to your Social Care or Child Development courses.

You don’t need any qualifications to take on these jobs, but a solid reference is likely to be essential.

So there are our top 4 picks on how to make a little extra money whilst studying either in a Uni, College or Open Days. Also don’t forget to post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that you’re looking for a side gig, you never know who will see it!

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