The modern age has brought a revolution in the way in which university students connect with each other, their academic peers, their lecturers, and even the study materials. Although you may still have to drag yourself to the library from time to time, there is now an amazing number of apps designed to help students make the most of their time at university. Here we’ll take a look at the top 5 university apps for students.

1. RefMe

Perhaps one of the most laborious and tedious tasks, but one of the most essential in academic work is proper referencing of materials in your essays and presentations. RefMe lets you hover over a book barcode with your mobile’s camera, or enter information from a journal, and like magic, it produces an accurate reference in whichever style is needed for your particular course – Harvard, APA, MLA and Chicago are all included.


2. Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictate logo

Tired of taking endless notes whilst struggling to keep track of what is being taught in your lecture? Dragon Dictation makes it easy at the press of a button to record either yourself taking audio notes or just reminders to do something – right there on your smartphone. Unlike other apps, you can record for a very long time and the app picks up words with a 99% accuracy, converting them into text to refer back to later. What’s more, it’s super-easy to edit your notes afterwards when writing up an essay or your dissertation, and you can even sync it with Dropbox or Evernote.

3. myHomework

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You hit the ground running in your first week of university in particular after all the freshers weeks and college open days have passed, and lots can be demanded from you in the early days. However, even with a large workload myHomework allows you to categorise all of your projects, classes, lectures, study groups, homework assignments and more into a single app. Get reminders on due dates, sync the app’s contents across all of your devices, and if you go Premium for a tiny annual cost you can change the theme, add attachments and create a weekly or monthly calendar to show you your entire workload at a glance.

4. Soundnote

If you struggle to remember everything that was said in a lecture, whether it’s the hangover to blame or just boredom, then Soundnote could be the app for you. Record entire lectures on your phone at the same time as taking notes and drawing and editing images to jog your memory. With Soundnote, you can doze to your heart’s content in that lecture on ‘Analytics, Statistics and Research Methods’ and listen to it in full at a time more convenient to you – such as in the park under a tree, or on your morning run. One hour of audio-only equates to approximately 25MB on your device too, so you won’t encounter storage issues.

5. Monzo

Not so much for helping with the academic side of things, but for the financial aspect of juggling shopping bills and those all-important nights out at university. You can set targets and limits on your spending, keeping you in check with your finances all the time you’re studying. If you know you’re a bit lose with your wallet or purse strings, then this app will surely help you rein that back in.

Whether you are on a university open day still searching for the right place for you or have enrolled in a course, these apps will help you pin down your work/study/life balance. Stay tuned to our Twitter and Instagram feeds for more helpful tips for fledgling uni students.

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